The Mother of all Challenges!

The Mother of all Challenges!

2.2 lakhs students take the JEE Advanced of which about 11000 seats are available at the Indian Institute of Technology which means about 5%. Harvard accepts about 5% applicants. MIT has an acceptance rate of under 8%.

If like me you think these are the most difficult to get in places, you missed the recent news clip that made me sit up in my chair. A staggering 2.8 crore applicants applied for 90,000 vacancies at Indian Railway for positions of Motormen, linemen etc giving you an acceptance rate of 0.32%!

If you do not count the probability of a human sperm fertilizing the egg, this officially makes Indian Railway the most difficult institution to get into. Next time you take a train please doff your hats in respect to those that made it through these odds.

The youth of India are facing unemployment in public sector and unemployability in private sector and this is converting what has been touted as a demographic dividend into a demographic disaster. This is a clarion wake up call for the Government of India.

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